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Note: Catching on zherlitsy in the rivers

As is known, in the rivers the basic forage of a pike perch is fine rybeshka, basically segoletok families karpovye and tjulka. Last 5-7 years obviously because of improvement of general ecological conditions in regions where the basic waterways proceed: Oka, Volga and their numerous inflows, number tjulki and molodi fishes has increased in tens times. And as consequence, all predatory fish in Volga, and not just a pike perch, at deterioration of an oxygen mode, hunt only for it. At constant abundance of a readily available forage the pike perch has obviously grown cold to many kinds of the fishes periodically making its menu (to a white bream, a ruff, the perch, small fry). Really, what for to chase for shustroj small fry or the prickly perch when practically at any time, in well-known to it places, it is possible to regale brought down on current in dense stajki fine defenceless rybeshkoj.

New reception: Catching on verhovku

In the middle of July many night predators, including a pike perch, almost completely cease to be fed in the daytime, and in the beginning of August the choosy pike joins them also. In addition in the middle of summer nazhirovav-Þ¿® the predator becomes rather legible and whimsical in a choice zhivtsov. Flowering of water and its stratification lead to that zhivets keeps ability to live only on insignificant depth, is usual no more than 1, 5-2 meters. The oxygen discomfort starts to test and a predatory fish at whom food activity sharply decreases.

In July and August to fish on large zhivtsa in the afternoon begins it is useless, as it practically does not hold depth, and to use an imported crucian, for example, at catching a pike perch – only in vain to waste time.

Matchast: the Basic components of standard equipment

For catching a pike perch, bersha and the perch on depth up to 10 meters the stock leski 20-25 m section 0, 25-0, 35 mm and povodok in the length not less than 0, 5-0, 7 m of the same section is required. povodok from more thin leski active zhivets, for example uklejka, often confuses, even with the tail cut off half and a part of the top fin. In equipment of a circle it is applied as a monostring, and "pletenka". « Pletenka » basically it is not necessary. Its advantage consists that it is more tenacious keeps on a mug and never it slides off. The hook is applied unary 10-14, double б~8, threefold 6 – 7 (on domestic numbering). At opening a fishing season the preference is given a unary hook or the double as the predator in June deeply swallows zhivtsa and a tee. Clinging to a mouth ahead of time, the hook only guards a pike perch and it sometimes manages of it to get rid. And in the middle of summer when the predator ceases to swallow deeply zhivtsa and often it throws after hvatki, tees (fig. 9) are used. At insufficient length leski the predator, having felt resistance of a circle, throws a small fish.

Catching in poslenerestovyj the period, some helps

From a bottom it is better to catch zajakorennymi the mugs established on an output from a hole (an oxygen mode in the beginning of summer the most favorable). They should be put on prikol also because the pike perch does not have forces to chase for shustrym zhivtsom, it is too languid and passive (see рис.4), (рис.7).

And on reaches and brovkah the fine pike perch in weight up to 300—500 g with might and main robs, resulting in bewilderment of fishers which cannot understand where solid copies.

Tactics of search and catching at opening a fishing season

At opening a fishing season behaviour of a pike perch and as consequence, tactics of fishing depend on time ikrometanija and weather conditions of month. Opening of a season can coincide in due course when the pike perch has completely recovered after spawning and the beginnings actively to eat – is observed so-called poslenerestovyj zhor. Though happens, that the spring has appeared late and long, consequences of spawning still oshchutimy, or at a part of individuals spawning did not take place at all because of adverse weather.

I shall stop on the most typical situation developing on situated near Moscow reservoirs in June when the fishing season usually begins.

Pike perch as the engine of progress (with what it is necessary to begin)

About 15-20 years ago during the moment of an incomplete decline of numerous fishing bases the group kruzhochnikov still was numerous enough. Pollution of reservoirs, poaching, powerful fishing press already then have noticeably lowered concentration of a fish and, naturally, efficiency of catching. Stability in ulovah achieved very much the few and only due to perfection of tackle.

I started to master seriously catching in cloudless for kruzhochnika 80th years, basically, being guided by reservoirs of Moscow suburbs, and then have finally settled on Istrinskom a water basin: in the beginning on the basis of military hunters Lechishchevo, then has got over on рыболовно-sports base Lopotovo where the boat park was much better. Experience of catching on Situated near Moscow water basins has shown, that all kruzhochnikov can be divided on two categories:

Catching by "Square" - cunnings and receptions

The circle has received this name because in a basis of a design the square lays. From above the coil for winding leski is located. Leska it is fixed in one of prorezej "square", depending on what fish, at what force of a wind it is supposed to catch and what size to use zhivtsa (a photo 2).

"Square" is made of strong, fine-grained polyfoam with small relative density. It is possible to use the coil from under fishing leski or to make it independently. Thus it should meet following requirements: to not interfere with free dump leski, to be easy and strong, to have depth of a groove no more than 8-10 mm.

Mugs – the modern approach

About fishing on mugs it is written much enough and in detail, but, about the design of a circle, to dynamics of its development in an available literature it is told very little or it is not spoken in general. In it it is not considered, that in each concrete case on the same reservoir at catching the same kinds of fishes seasonally, weathers, behaviour zhivtsa, a predator making to the basic forage, an oxygen mode this or that design of tackle (mug) gets out. And skill kruzhoch-ника in that also consists, that during the necessary moment and in the necessary place to apply necessary reception. And all seeming variety of catching by mugs, in practice is reduced to four basic receptions:

1. To run of circles in established tone (a site chosen by the fisher and noted control bujami).

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